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Who/what is Etre Shop? Etre Shop is (ahem) Etre's shop. Who/what is Etre? We're an award-winning London-based design agency. We started life designing websites (and still design them to this very day, in fact). But on a cold December's morning back in 2007, we had an idea. An idea that would (ahem) change our lives forever. That idea was Etre Touchy gloves—a simple, elegant way to keep warm while using mobile devices.

In the months that followed, Etre Touchy gloves became something of a sensation, appearing on TV, in print and on the hands of celebrities around the world. This necessitated our having somewhere to sell them and thus, Etre Shop.

Since we launched Etre Shop in 2008, we've been busy designing and adding new products—products that, like our gloves, celebrate utilitarian style. Our latest collection—Autumn-Winter 2013/14—draws on the understated but characterful traditions of British workwear, looking to the best time-tested solutions from the past, and pioneering new solutions where history offers no blueprint. The collection thus includes traditional fishermen's sweaters, knitted to a pattern familiar to generations of fishermen's wives and customised with motifs originating in the centuries-old fishing communities of Polperro and Staithes, alongside our Etre Touchy and FIVEPOINT gloves, conceived for use with modern touchscreen devices.

Each piece is lovingly crafted in the British Isles, using responsibly sourced, time-honoured British materials. Workwear jackets are fabricated from 100 percent Melton wool, manufactured by a 150-year-old family business in West Yorkshire. Gansey sweaters are knitted from the finest 5-ply worsted wool, spun and dyed in Yorkshire mills that have been turning out the same material for generations. Leather gloves are made by a family business established in 1944, now one of the last surviving British glove manufacturers. Satchels and holdalls, crafted from the same high quality Melton wool as the jackets, are fabricated by a small Cornish leatherwork company.

Timeless and durable, our products are items in which to invest emotional energy, each carefully edited piece a component of a uniform for contemporary life that feels special and personal—British workwear for a new generation.

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